Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sounds of His Love

"And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." -Philippians 4:7 

He gives me a peace which surpasses all understanding, He comforts me and is watching over me always, and even though it can get lonely out here, I know I'm not alone. He is ever with me, faithfully transforming this prison into a palace. It's amazing no matter what surrounding or situation I'm in, He is faithful to show His love always, despite whatever mess I got myself into on my own, His mercy is ever present, a blessing I don't deserve. I don't have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I have Jesus, because He first had and has me always...

This is a poem I wrote one late night in a battle-ditch.
(Yes, I have been well informed I'm a nerd if I'm a guy and I actually enjoy writing poems..
*sigh* oh well...I'm a nerd.)

Sounds of His Love
Sounds of His love; some think to hear,
The waves upon the shore,
Sounds of His love; some think are raindrops,
And falling petals on the floor,
Sounds of His love; some think are trees,
Whistling forest lore,
But what if I told you, I can't hear them anymore?
Sounds of His love; some think a fire,
Warming in your gaze,
Sounds of His love; some think the rustling,
Of a turning Bible page, 
Sounds of His love; some say a hymn,
Sung in thankful praise,
But what if I told you, I can't hear that these days?
This may be so,
That we know, Our Father through these good ways,
But there are times we only hear,
His love through all the dim days,
And in this life I see,
So many reasons why I can't win,
So I pray that He keeps me,
Closely to Him,
He transforms my heart to know,
Even when I'm alone,
He will always keep me,
Safely as His own,
Acclamation, declaration,
In my ears a transformation
Sounds of His love; exploding mortars,
Pounding in the sky,
Sounds of His love; rifle-fire,
Bullets sing as they pass by,
Sounds of His love; the pounding,
Of grenades upon the mud,
What if I told you, I don't fear this anymore?
These sounds remind me
I am His child,
Going safely to His shore,
When He is with me, I don't know how,
But to me now...These are the sounds of His love...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Brothers in Christ

It's amazing how much I never thought, growing up, that one day my favorite thing to do would be to call my younger brother John on the phone. "I'm the oldest!" ...hahaha it's funny how much now I find myself asking him questions and advice on things, and I enjoy it. To me he is the friend who sticks closer than a brother, because to me he's more than just "a brother", He and I have been through things that have left us inseparable. He's my best friend, and that is only because God, in His mercy, has done things with our hearts that I am truly thankful for. It might have taken a few heavy blows from a hammer, and some heat from a furnace, that proud souls like us both needed. But in the end God has truly given us both what we don't deserve, the hammer that crushed us, in the end saved us from something far worse. I see His mercy in so many things that could've happened that didn't, it's unexplainable, convicting and amazing. Thank you God for giving us both the heart to love each other as true friends, and to serve you as our Father in heaven. I am so thankful God has given my brother John in my life.

P.S. - as the picture above shows, yes we're COMPLETE nerds! hahahaha. But it's fun!